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10 Door Colours For 2021

It’s time to freshen up your front entrance this February! Why not pick one of these modern door colours or finishes and spice up how people enter your home this year. Let’s get into it!

1. Crisp White

Nothing says “class” like a clean, fresh white. Say goodbye to the creams of the past, a lick of white paint on an entrance really brings a house into the modern day.

2. Brushed Brass

If you like to keep on top of the trends and make a statement, go for a brassy, metallic finish. Why not give off the impression of royalty and wealth if you can?! For a fraction of the price, that is.

3. Sage Green

This colour is all the rage at the moment and rightfully so. Imagine your new sage green door, nestled in between some potted plants. Talk about an oasis!

4. Sky Blue

Similarly, sky blue is hitting us hard as a fashionable colour. Think summer skies without a cloud, and you’ve got a very happy colour to brighten your day every time you cross the threshold.

5. Dusty Pink

If you’re after a pop of colour but want something more neutral, a dusty pink is your answer. Don’t fret if you’re not too into the whole “pink” thing, think of it more of a muted red, desert vibes.

6. Lemon Yellow

Bring some brightness into your life and go for a lemon yellow feature door! This will be the talking point of the street.

7. Chocolate Brown

Brown is the new black, as we’re sure you’ve heard lately! A lick of chocolate brown paint oozes all the comfort and warmth you could ask for.

8. Light Tan

Wanting something a little more neutral but don’t want the basics? A light brown or tan colour is the perfect match to almost any colour scheme.

9. Navy Blue

Darken it up with a classy navy blue. The best thing about this colour is that it never goes out of style!

10. Emerald Green

Nothing says “style” like that perfect emerald green. More neutral than you’d expect, an emerald door will level up your house like you wouldn’t believe.

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All images sourced from Pinterest.

Written By: Zoe Taylor


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