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Ask an Expert: Which Primer Should I Use?

Source: Justin Lane / Flickr

Hi! My name is Mark Alchin and I've been the owner of Paint Place Beenleigh for the past twelve years.

When it comes to automotive painting, there are many topics for the beginner that can be a little confusing. One of the most common questions is... what primer should I use?

To answer this one, we usually have to go back a few steps and get a picture of the type of job this is. We ask questions like, "is it a touch-up? Is It a full restoration? Are you just painting one or two panels?"

If a panel is to be stripped to bare metal, we would recommend a two-pack epoxy primer. After this, repair work with body fillers can be used. Then, the next step is to use a urethane high build primer prior to paint and clear.

There are many reasons why most auto systems differ from these 'general painting practice' steps mentioned above, and that’s why it's best to chat to your local Paint Place store owner about the products you're purchasing for the best advice.

The main mistake we see at Paint Place on a daily basis is a customer watching endless online videos on systems that are different from the one they will end up using. We can not stress enough that whilst videos are a great way to learn tips and tricks with techniques, they do not accurately explain the particulars of any paint system except the one they may be using in the video.

Have a chat with your local Paint Place store and spend some time getting to understand the details and specifics of a given paint system before you even begin the first step of spray painting a car. It can save you loads of time, money and stress.

Thanks to Mark Alchin for being our guest expert this month. Got more questions for Mark about priming before painting, or anything automotive? Give him a call on (07) 3807 2088 or visit him at Paint Place Beenleigh at 89-95 Boundary St, Beenleigh QLD.


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