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Autumn Paint Trends 2022

Falling leaves, cooler days, finally being able to wear that coat you bought in the Boxing Day sales… yeah, autumn is a pretty good season. Fashion weeks have just gone down all around the globe, and with that comes the colour trends we are expecting to see across the year. We have studied and analysed the colour-ways and the palettes, and deciphered what will be the top 5 upcoming paint trends for 2022, so you can enter the new season in style.

#1 Warm Neutrals

Thin ivory, warm whites and peachy beiges, and you’re sorted for this season. There’s no question that neutrals are having their moment right now, especially paired with dreamy, cloudy whites and pops of matte black hardware, so why not elevate your space with a classy new colour?

Almond Paste: Taubmans

#2 Neon Orange

You may not want to go all out and make a feature wall of a neon colour (though we wouldn’t blame you if you did!), but including splashes of neon in your décor can really brighten up an otherwise dull space. Orange is a very forgiving neon in the fact that it’s quite gender neutral and can be easily toned down with other earthy colours to give it a more natural vibe.

Tangelo: Wattyl

#3 Emerald Green

Jewelled greens are not going anywhere. This rich, calm and versatile colour will instantly make any space look more expensive and is a great way to refresh cabinetry in places like the kitchen and bathroom. If you’re a plant lover, this colour will especially suit you, making all those lighter leaves pop.

Magic Forest: Taubmans

#4 Golden Yellow

A warm , golden-hued yellow will always be a staple, but no time more so than this autumn. With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer and darker, injecting some sun into your space will help you feel warmer and brighter come the winter months.

Sun Valley: Taubmans

#5 Navy

Navy might just be the new black. A classy, mature colour, this deep blue is perfect and surprisingly adaptable to different décor and rooms. Paint your splashback, outdoor furniture, or bathroom with a lick of something navy and see the difference!

Dark Dream: Wattyl

There you have it – our top 5 predictions for the upcoming season. Make sure you head into your local Paint Place for expert advice on all things paint!


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