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How To: Care For Your Wood Decks, Finishes and Furniture

Here at Paint Place, we carry a huge range of wood care products to help you care for your decks, timber finishes such as doors, skirting boards and balusters, and even wooden furniture!

With all that winter entertaining coming up, this is the time to freshen up your home to keep it looking warm and welcoming. Make sure you look after your wood now with the right products from leading brands such as Sikkens, Organoil & Johnstone's, to keep everything looking good as new right through the cooler months.


If you’re wanting to re-coat your deck, the questions of whether you should oil, stain or paint may be looming over you. Head into your nearest Paint Place store to get expert advice from one of our Paint Place specialists to select the right option for you and your deck, and in the meantime, make sure you’re;

  • Regularly sweeping the deck to remove debris such as leaves, making sure they don’t stick to the decking

  • Lightly wash the deck every month with water and a mild soap

  • Consider wearing clean shoes on the deck to keep it free of the oils from your skin

  • Deep-clean and pressure wash the deck every two months to get rid of built-up dirt and dust

Source: Sikkens

Timber Finishes

Cleaning timber finishes such as doors, skirting boards, and external columns may be a little more difficult than sweeping, but it’s important to ensure you’ve protected the wood with expert advice and products from Paint Plce.

  • Regularly dust and wipe with a damp microfibre cloth, at least every two weeks

  • Protect with the right products, including oils or stains

  • Be mindful of grabbing the finishes with bare hands as the oils from your skin can transfer

Source: Johnstone's Woodcare

Wooden Furniture

Furniture is a more difficult affair as you aren’t at liberty to be not touching tables, desks, and chairs. As much as you can, ensure that you are

  • Not using products on the furniture that can scratch the surfaces

  • Clean regularly, with a special focus on removing food residue

  • Use protective covers such as placemats when touching the surface

  • Dust and clean regularly

Source: Organoil

There you have it! An easy guide on how to care for your wood products. Make sure you head in-store to get some expert advice on the best products to use on your wood!


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