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How to Chalk Paint

This DIY video show you how to transform an old piece of furniture into a shabby chic statement piece with chalk paint! In just five easy steps, we will show you what you need to complete this DIY project, how to prep the old piece of furniture and how to apply chalk paint for a professional quality finish.

What you will need:

- Paint kettle

- Scraper

- Timber putty

- Sash brush

- Sanding blocks

- Tape

- Chalked paint


Step 1 – take an old piece of furniture and remove its fittings (hinges, handles, and hardware)

Step 2 – Sand down surface until smooth

Step 3 – Fill any splits, cracks or damage on the wood with putty, leave to dry and then sand down

Step 4 – Remove any dust or debris from furniture with a wet rag

Step 5 – Apply the chalk paint evenly with a brush as the base coat

Step 6 – Lightly spot sand the painted surface for that vintage look

Step 7 – Apply matte clear topcoat or wax

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