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How To Protect Your Painted Areas in Summer

You’ve spent the time prepping, priming and painting various parts of your home throughout the wintertime, giving those old handrails a new lease on life and the roof is looking better than ever. But, as the summer sun beats down on us a bit early this year (not to mention those crazy winds that come with it!), you may be wondering how to protect all your hard work. Don’t worry! Here at Paint Place, we don’t just want you to do the painting, we want to help you make it last. Here’s how to protect your paint jobs from the heat this upcoming season.

If the base is metal…

If you have recently done up your car, boat, railings, or furniture that has a metal base, bear in mind that rust is your biggest enemy when it comes to the upkeep of your paint job. If you need to wash the item, do it early in the morning and dry it under shade to protect it from the harsh summer UV rays. Make sure everything is properly dried! If you can, store your painted metal items undercover as much as you can, or else invest in a UV protection spray, which works much like sunscreen and absorbs the UV rays.

If the base is wood…

We tend to do a lot of DIY projects on wooden items, such as outdoor furniture, trimmings and railings or decks. Make sure that each of these has an appropriate wood sealer, which protects from sun damage while also repelling water, dirt and mildew. This will help those projects keep their colour longer, and protect them from chipping and drying out under the Australian sun. Again, keeping these items in the shade will also prolong their life.

If the base is ceramic…

Luckily for you, if you have spent your winter months redoing your ceramic roof tiles or similar projects, the paint you would have used will most likely have built-in UV protection. Roof paint is specifically designed to last a long time under harsh conditions, so you just need to keep it clean and free of debris. If you’re worried about anything else ceramic that you have painted, head into your nearest Paint Place store for expert advice on your particular item to see what can be done to protect it.

If the base is plastic…

With plastic projects (think planters, artwork, kids' play equipment) you are always running the risk of the plastic degrading under the paint, drying out and causing the paint to chip. If the paint job has been done well with appropriate prepping and finished off with a sealant, your projects should be okay, but do what you can by keeping them out of the UV rays as much as possible.

This summer, it’s not just your skin that needs protection! Keep those projects safe and make sure you visit us in-store to get all the latest advice on paint from our friendly experts.


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