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How To Save On Painting Costs

Inflation and the rising cost of living is hitting the country hard, but that doesn’t mean your DIY projects need to be shelved. We want you to get the most out of your paint and painting journey with beautiful, lasting results, so we’ve compiled our top tips on how to save your money when it comes to paint jobs at home.

1# Do It Yourself – With The Right Advice

Although hiring a professional painting team can help speed up the process, there’s not always the need for them. Head on into your nearest Paint Place and get all the advice and expertise needed to conquer your painting project. Ensure you are equipped with drop sheets, painter's tape and good-quality paintbrushes and rollers, and there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself! Plus, it always feels good when you get a compliment on a job and get to say that it was all your work!

2# Quality Investment

Although it’s tempting to go for the cheaper option, choosing higher-quality will ensure a thicker coverage with less coats to cover your walls properly, and it will last longer. Knowing the condition of your walls before you start is a good way to pick the right paint, so take some pictures and head in-store for expert advice.

3# Prep and Prime

To ensure an even coverage that will last over time, make sure you have prepared your space properly. Clean the walls, use painter’s tape to cover knobs and floors, and remove outlet plates and switch covers to make every drop of paint count. It’s also worth considering a self-priming paint that may help you save your dollars on a separate primer. If your paint choice is more expensive and your walls are rough, a cheaper primer might be all that you need.

4# Borrowing

There’s no reason you can’t borrow painting supplies from friends or family! Rollers, brushes, drop sheets and tape can be reused from old projects or borrowed from friends. And don’t forget, you may have leftover paint from a previous project that can be used. This is why we suggest you buy top quality — to make sure paint lasts longer and your supplies can withstand multiple uses.

4# Thin Coats

Using thin coats helps the paint look more even and uniform, while also saving you money compared to thicker coats. As long as you take your time and prep the space well, thin coats can really make the paint go further.

Head on down to your local Paint Place to get expert advice and all the latest in paint info for your next painting project!


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