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How To Store Your Paints

We’ve all been there – we need to grab that wall colour only to find the tin has been rusted and leaked through the cardboard box you threw it into all those months ago. The brushes and rollers? Dried paint and time have made them unusable. You think that there has to be a better way – and you’re right. Let us share with you our top tips to keep your paints fresh, organised and easy to access for all your painting jobs.

#1 Choose your storage wisely.

Let’s all agree now that we won’t be using old packing boxes to store paint anymore. Choose a plastic tub or box. This not only contains any spills that might occur, but the clear outside helps you see exactly what is inside when you need it. Plastic boxes keep the paints standing upright and are easy to stack, and most of the boxes have wheels so you’re not trying to lift litres of paint in crumbling cardboard. Store your boxes in a cool, dark environment such as a garage to prevent them from expiring in heat or moisture.

#2 Prep your paints and brushes for storage.

It might seem like a waste of time but wiping down any spilt paint from the outside of tins and properly washing brushes and rollers is essential. Making sure there is no crusty paint to prevent you from opening the tin in future is a must, and having clean, dried brushes ensure their quality lasts for future uses. This is especially important for the little tubes of paint that can so easily become dried up and unable to be opened if they aren’t wiped down before they are put away.

#3 Organisation is key.

To make sure you’re not going out and buying a colour you already have at home, store your paints by organising them in colour order. This may seem fiddly and unnecessary, but if you have five paints or fifty, it will make them must easier to find in the future. Sort by colour family first and then by shade if you like, and keep the paint types together, i.e. roof paints in one section, wall paints in another.

Keeping your paints and painting supplies lasting and keeping fresh is an investment in your future self. A little TLC at clean-up time can go a long way when you’re wanting to refresh something! Make sure you visit us in-store to get all the latest advice on paint from our friendly experts.


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