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How To Use Up Leftover Paint

So, you’ve tackled that painting project. You’ve slapped some coats on the walls and doors, and that deck has never been so well-stained! Now, you’re sitting and looking at half-empty cans, wondering what on Earth you’re going to do with all that leftover paint. Well, here’s where we come in. Here are our ideas on how to use up leftovers!

1. If you have coloured paint…

The best-case scenario is for you to have coloured paint leftover, as you can use it to DIY or craft anything you like! Level up your picture frames, vases, plant pots and outdoor settings, or even use them for painting projects for some school holiday fun. With coloured paint – the options are limitless!

2. If you have neutral paint…

This is where having leftovers gets a bit tricky. Neutral paints are often used in house renovations, and there isn’t a whole heap of uses for a cream or off-white paint unless it’s to patch up the walls later. Make sure that you keep a small pot of your wall colour on hand for these occasions, but if you have a few litres leftover, there’s no reason you can’t put it to good use! Create seamless home coordination by painting cupboards or furniture in the same colours as your walls, or give balusters, handrails, and stairs a fresh coat. Neutral paint is also amazing for pour artwork, or to use as a base for living room art pieces. Don’t forget you can also use leftover paint as a primer!

3. If you have primer…

Unfortunately, primer is a bit more difficult than a standard paint to reuse. Fortunately, any painting project can use a coat of primer, especially in high-traffic areas such as doors, closets, handles, drawers and furniture. Keep a can around to make sure your next project is up to standard and will last a lifetime!

Here at Paint Place, we are committed to helping you achieve your painting goals with quality advice from our paint experts. Make sure you visit us in-store to get the optimum service when it comes to your painting!


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