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Isolation Painting DIYs

Unfortunately for a lot of us, 2022 has meant isolation. Whether we’re unwell or one of our family are, there seems to be no escaping the reality that at some stage we will be stuck inside for at least a week. And let’s be honest - just how many puzzles can you really do?

We want to help you out by giving you three painting projects for your isolation time (or any time!) that are easy and kid-friendly if need be. We wish you all the best in your recovery and hope that these burn all that time you have to kill!

1# Upgrade & Update

If you have been looking at your furniture, be it outdoor settings, chests of drawers or dining room tables, now might be a great time to sand back and get painting! If you read our blog on the top 2022 paint trends, you would know just how fun the trends are right now when it comes to colour in your interiors, so why not give it a go! The best part is, you can always paint over paint!

Our top tips:

  • Take your time (which you have lots of)

  • Sand back any varnish and use a primer

  • Do multiple coats

  • Use a drop sheet to protect floors when drying

2# Pot Plants

So you have a heap of old vases/containers/plant pots that you’re not sure what to do with? Well, why not use some paint to turn these into something that perfectly matches your style! Those cute painted pot plants in the artisan gift shops aren’t unattainable, you can do them yourself! Zig zag some tape for an easy geometric pattern, paint in block colours or freehand your own design! The possibilities are endless, and you can always give these handmade pots as gifts later on!

3# Write It Up

The beautiful, personalised signs that we often see in houses can be expensive, so why not have a go at your own? Grab some old wood, a frame or even cardboard and stencil out your custom sign, then paint over it! With time and patience, there’s no reason your DIY can’t look as good as the real thing.

Stay safe and well in these crazy times, and if you’re allowed outside the house make sure you drop in and visit your local Paint Place, Australia’s leading group of independent paint stores.

Each Paint Place store is locally owned and operated so we can always guarantee expert advice and professional service. Your local Paint Place expert can assist with colour advice and step-by-step guidance on how to tackle your painting project.


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