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Marine Care With Paint? It’s Possible!

You may not hear the words “caring for your boat” and “paint” in the same sentence all too often, but there are huge benefits of keeping your pride and joy slick and shiny with the right marine coating.

Not just there to keep her looking pretty, marine paints are a specialty formula, made for repelling water, providing protective layers from all moisture (including salt water), and also to help prevent metal rust or corrosion.

The right marine paint will help you retain colour and shine, resist the weather (sunlight, wind, salt and water are some of the harshest elements the world has to offer), resist chemicals, oils and solvents, and even resist abrasions and marks.

Here at Paint Place, we have a huge range of marine paint. Whether you are keen to restore or maintain the condition of you boat, we understand that protecting a precious investment is of the upmost importance, so we make sure to provide you with nothing less than the best quality products to ensure the best quality finish.

Paint Place has a wide range of leading marine paint brands and accessories to ensure that you find the right product for the job. We will even provide step-by-step instructions to ensure you paint your boat right the first time around! We have the answers to any questions you may have, such as what type of paint to use. So pop into your local Paint Place store today and see your local paint experts.


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