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Get into the Christmas Spirit: 5 Ways To Get Festive With Paint Finishes With Paint Place

The festive season is here! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get creative with a wide range of paint to take this Christmas to the next level. Here are five simple ideas that can really elevate your festivity this December!

Freshen Up Your Tree Collar

If you are one of the millions that entered Kmart in droves looking for a tree collar, we’ve got the solution to turn your collar into a one-of-a-kind piece. From cane to metal, these collars come in a variety of designs, but why not make them a tad more festive? Pick your favourite Christmas colours that match the rest of your décor and paint your tree’s collar; go for a fun Christmas design, spots, stripes or really anything you like! Soon enough, your run-of-the-mill collar will be totally unique.

DIY Flocking

Flocking an artificial tree is nowhere near as crazy as it sounds! Take your tree outside or into a (very) well-ventilated space and lightly spritz the ends with white spray paint (you could even do metallic silver, gold, or sparkles!). Focus your attention on the ends of the fronds but also give a little love to the entire tree to make the “flock” look natural.

Candy Cane Frames

Got some photo frames you’re looking to revamp? Why not turn them into candy cane frames? Simply paint it white and then go over it with red or green stripes to give the illusion of a candy cane. The best part? Come the new year, you can paint over with whatever colour you like and turn something festive into something year-round!

Chalkboard It Up

You’ve seen it on Pinterest, but now is the time! Why not paint a wall/a splashback/wall segment with chalkboard paint?! This way, you can decorate (think festive quotes, a movie “to-watch” list or a countdown to Christmas!) with chalk, then simply wipe down and go again for the new year.

Use Leftovers Wisely

Okay, so you have a heap of leftover paint or sample pots hanging around. How do you use them? Easy! This is the time to ramp up your creativity and go full-on festive. Paint pots and planters with Christmas decorations, and give a fresh coat to those older baubles on the tree. You could even dress up old downpipes to look like candy canes! Why not decorate the platters you are going to use on Christmas Day with the family, or even DIY a new plate for Santa’s cookies?! The options are endless, just make sure you coat all food-related items with food-safe varnish before use.

So, there you have it! Five super easy but super fun ways to spice up your place for the most wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas from all of us here at Paint Place!


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