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Painting with Kids: Fun and creative ways to use paint during school holidays

A child's hands spreading green paint on a piece of paper

As school holidays approach here in Australia, it's the perfect time to engage your children in exciting activities that foster creativity and family bonding. One such activity is painting, which not only allows children to unleash their imagination but also teaches them about home improvement. Let's dive in and get those creative juices flowing!

Create a Collaborative Mural

Transform a blank wall into a vibrant work of art by creating a collaborative mural with your children. Begin by selecting a theme that interests them, such as nature, animals, or fantasy. Encourage them to sketch their ideas on paper before transferring them onto the wall using washable paints. Assign different sections of the mural to each child, allowing them to express their artistic style and contribute to the final masterpiece. This activity not only promotes teamwork but also adds a unique touch to your home decor.

Personalise Furniture

Give old furniture a new lease on life by involving your kids in the painting process. Let them choose a piece of furniture, such as a chair or small table, and allow them to personalise it with their favourite colours and designs. This activity not only encourages their creativity but also instils a sense of pride and ownership in their work. The revamped furniture will serve as a beautiful reminder of their creative talents.

Handprint paintings hanging on a clothesline outdoors underneath a tree

Handprint Wall Art

Capture your child's growing handprints in a creative and sentimental way by creating handprint wall art. Choose a designated area, such as a hallway or playroom wall, and mark their handprints at different ages using non-toxic, washable paint. Encourage them to select colours and decorate their handprints with patterns or designs. This project allows you to create a beautiful visual timeline of their growth while adding a unique and personal touch to your home.

Stencilling and Stamping

Introduce your kids to the world of stencilling and stamping to create stunning patterns and designs. Using pre-made stencils or homemade ones, let them explore different shapes and motifs. Provide them with sponges, foam brushes, or even household objects like leaves or kitchen utensils to create interesting textures and prints. This activity allows children to experiment with colours and patterns while developing their fine motor skills. You can apply these designs on walls, furniture, or even create custom artwork on canvas.

A young girl smiling and happy with colourful paint all over her

Outdoor Art

Take advantage of those sunny winter days by involving your kids in painting outdoor spaces. Let them paint flowerpots, birdhouses, or garden stones using weather-resistant paint. This activity not only adds a colourful touch to your outdoor decor but also teaches children about gardening and nature. Encourage them to unleash their creativity and experiment with different techniques, such as sponge painting or splatter painting, to create unique outdoor art pieces.

Involving children in painting projects during school holidays offers a fun and creative way to bond as a family while improving your home's aesthetics. So, grab the paintbrushes, set up a designated painting area, and let the creativity flow. Together, you'll create beautiful memories and a more vibrant home. Don’t forget to head down to your local Paint Place for expert advice. Happy painting!


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