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PIY: Paint It Yourself - Architectural Trends You Can Do At Home!

It’s been quite a year all round, so why not treat yourself to a little home refresh? As we get into our spring cleaning and holiday decorations, pop into your nearest Paint Place and pick up some bits to make your space feel like new! With the amount of time you’ve spent indoors this year, it probably needs it – wouldn’t you say? There are some amazing architectural trends going around that can be quite expensive, so why not do it yourself for an nth of the price!

Get Your Deck On

Don’t you think it’s time to update that old deck? Sure, you may not be able to recreate pure oak herringbone, but you can definitely give it a fresh lick of decking oil and stain it to a modern colour. Architecturally speaking, warm, dark woods are all the rage right now. Think a dark, moody but welcoming log cabin in the woods…. That can be your deck! Especially when matching a deep stain with light furniture, you can really make that entertaining area pop!

Metals on Metals

One architectural trend that isn’t going anywhere soon is metallics. Choose your poison; brass, gold, rose gold, silver, satin black… the choices are endless. You can purchase a huge range of different finishes as well, so update those cabinet handles, table legs and photo frames with a quick spray of metallic paint. Nobody will know you didn’t spend a fortune on the real deal!

Contrasting Cornices

Want to make a statement without committing to a whole feature wall? Contrasting cornices are your answer. Pick up your favourite statement colour – lately we’ve been loving pastel pinks, terracotta, emerald green and royal blue – and freshen up your cornices with something bold that matches the style of your home. Don’t forget to tape the walls to ensure a clean finish and you’ll have a fresh space in no time!

So – there you have it! Three easy ways to update your space without breaking the bank and taking inspiration from the latest architectural trends. Don’t forget to head to your nearest Paint Place and speak to one of our friendly team members for all the latest in paint!


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