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Refresh Your Interiors On A Budget

Everyone is facing the issues surrounding rising interest rates and inflation at the moment, and so when we want to refresh our interior space it can be tricky to find the spare funds. However, it’s easier than you think to inject some life into dull spaces with a few hacks that will make your space feel new again!

#1 Trims and Finishes

One of the easiest ways to update a space is to redo your trims and finishes. Use up old paint or head down to your local Paint Place to pick up a pot, and get to work on fresh coats on your architraves, cornices and door frames. You can match picture frames, cabinets, draw faces and lamp stands to your décor style, and even use roofing or metal paint on kitchen and bathroom hardware. Make the most of this warm weather and dry quickly outside for an easy update to your home!

2# Second-Hand Finds

Rummage through your local Op Shop, scour the council clean up piles or even head to the resource centre at the tip to find furniture pieces that can be done up. Give them a clean, a fix if needed, and a fresh coat of paint or stain to bring them back to life and give them a place in your home! Trends will come and go, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on furniture pieces that you can just as easily DIY.

3# Staining

Wood can look old if it needs a re-stain, and staining is an easy job to do! Refresh your deck or wooden furniture with some stains and bring back that shine and vitality. This can seriously improve the quality of your furniture and make it look newer and more expensive than it may be. You can find products in-store from brands like Sikkens, Johnstone's or Organoil to help you give your timber new life.

Head on down to your local Paint Place to get expert advice and all the latest in paint info for your next painting project!


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