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Show Your Home Some Love This February

We all know that February is the month of Valentines Day and love, but why limit all that passion in the air to just your partners? Your home is the place you retreat to every night, the place you feel safe and comfortable. So, show your home some love this month by sprucing it up for the cooler season ahead, making sure to take your time and really give it the TLC it needs.

How to show your home some love;

#1 DIY Inspection

When was the last time you really had a look at the foundations of your home? Yes, the literal foundations too, but we’re talking those cracks in the render that have been bugging you, the old wood patio furniture on the deck or the chipped tile near the front door that you keep meaning to get replaced. Put aside some time and go around your property to take notes on all the little things that need to be fixed or replaced so you can get to work on making them better. Your home (and its value) will thank you for it later.

#2 Spruce Up Chips

It’s pretty impossible to live in a space without a few paint chips every now and then. From hanging up artwork to skirting board cracks, there is always something that could do with a spot of filler and a lick of paint. Take a day to hunt around your house for all those little chips and slap on some filler, wait for it to dry and sand it back. Then, you can touch up the paint and find that those walls, cabinets, skirting boards and more are good as new.

#3 Care For Your Wood

This isn’t a Valentine’s Day pun –this is the perfect opportunity to make sure your wood is looked after. Check out your wooden furnishings, shelving, cabinetry and floorboards to see if anything needs a stain, sand or oil. We here at Paint Place have expert advice ready to help you out if you need some further insight on how to care for your wood, so make sure you head on in to see what products would be right for your project.

So, there you have it! Three ways to show your place some love this month. For all it does for you, remember you can invest just a little time to give something back. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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