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Take Care Of Your Wood This Winter

Well that got your attention, didn’t it?!

Unfortunately this August we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about using your free time (thanks, COVD!) to give some TLC to your deck, outdoor settings and timber finishes. Those late Winter and early Spring winds are ideal for drying wood finishes off, so why not get your oil, stain or paint on and upgrade your wood this winter!

Source: Johnstone's Wood Care

Here at Paint Place, we have the right wood care products for your job! We stock a large range of wood care products from leading brands such as Sikkens and Johnstone's Wood Care with the expert knowledge in-store to match.

So… what can I update, exactly? We’re glad you asked!

Anything that’s got some timber is probably in need of a clean at the very least, and then a sand and some oil, stain or paint. We’re not just talking decks and outdoor tables, but what about your dinner table and chairs? Desks, bed frames ,bedside tables? Maybe you’d like to inject some colour into that old bookshelf or cabinet?

Source: Charlotte May / Pexels

From photo frames to railings, cupboard doors to chair legs, shelves to wooden storage units, wooden planter stands to garden beds and fences… the list goes on. Why not use this time to your advantage and switch up your finishes to rich mahogany, warm walnut or calming birch? You can paint wood black, white, blue, red… whatever you want! Hey, you could finally paint your front door the bright purple you’ve always wanted!

Source: Sikkens

You may be wondering if your particular wood needs oil, staining or painting, and the honest answer is it really depends on what type of wood you have, its current state and what your desired outcome is. Head on in-store to chat to one of our friendly paint experts, to ensure you achieve the best results on your timber project by choosing the right product for a perfect finish.

Source: Sikkens


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