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Top 5 Benefits of Making Your Christmas Decorations

Whether you started at the beginning of December or you're just starting now, decorating for Christmas not only increases levels of the 'feel-good hormone' dopamine, but it also creates an air of excitement and happiness. Decorating will definitely lift your mood.

With the kids on school holidays, why wouldn't you want to take advantage of making hand-crafted ornaments or personalised Christmas cards for loved ones or neighbours?

Here are our Top 5 Benefits of Making Your Decorations:

Learn New Skills

Engaging in DIY projects boosts creativity and allows you to experiment with different media, designs, colours, and themes so that you can infuse your personality into them. Be festively unique!

Save Money and the Environment

Making your decorations can be more budget-friendly than purchasing ready-made ones, especially when using recycled or inexpensive materials like wood offcuts, pegs or cereal boxes.

Using recycled materials or repurposing items for your decorations can contribute to a more eco-friendly approach, reducing waste and your environmental footprint.

Create New Fun Family Memories and Boost Mental Health

Crafting together with family fosters a sense of togetherness and provides an opportunity to create cherished memories during the holiday season. Take the time to talk and enjoy one another's company and relish the Spirit of Christmas.

Avoid Large Crowds at the Shopping Centre

Yuck ... the last-minute Christmas rush ... if you can avoid it, do it! Pop on your favourite Christmas Carols, light your candles scented with plum pudding and notes of blackcurrant, lemon and lavender ... aaah, that's better isn't it! Breathe ... relax ... create!

Children Find Joy in Contributing

Admit it, you still have a hand-made decoration that your child made in Kindy or Pre-Primary that sits proudly on display each year! Whether it be a hand-painted photo frame with gems stuck all over it that you hang on the tree or the unevenly painted pine cone with copious amounts of glitter, they are all treasures, plus children love bringing them out every year, creating their own fond memories of Christmas and they love how their decoration has its own special place in the home.

So no matter the project or decoration, Paint Place has the supplies to create your special memories that last year after year!

Merry Christmas one and all and happy crafting!


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