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Believe it or not, we’re in March already. That means we’re officially finding ourselves in autumn (even if the weather has other plans!). 2021 is all about the muted, cloudy jewel tones. Think blues and greens and hints of peach. Let us take a look at the top five paint trends that we are going to see in the upcoming season!

Sage Green

There is no question that this beautiful, muted green is all the rage when it comes to home décor right now. Pick up a pot of it and freshen up cabinets, shelves or even décor pieces! This colour is the ideal way to inject some freshness into your home.

Sky Blue

We’re dreaming of cloudless autumn skies with this hue. It’s easy to see why this blue is taking the fashion and design world by storm – it emanates calm, clarity and peace, which we all need a little more of in our lives! Take inspiration from this bathroom or get creative painting chair legs lampstands and more!

Dusty Peach

Millennial pink is out, dusty peach is in! This warm colour is a great compromise if you want some warmth but don’t want to commit to a full pink. A warm peach would look fantastic in a kitchen, bathroom, or as a feature wall.

Cloudy Yellow

Brown is the new black, so beige must be the new white! Warm-up your sleeping space by freshening up that harsh, crisp white on the walls. A soft, dainty yellow/beige is all you need to be sleeping soundly throughout the cooler months.

Emerald Green

This statement colour is going nowhere anytime soon, and it’s easy to see why. Pack a punch with elegance by incorporating some rich, emerald greens into your space. The perfect part about this magnificent jewel tone is that it goes with any colour! Bring out the green from all those house plants you managed to keep alive during quarantine (or the sprouts from your Discovery Garden) and get some green going.

So – there you have it! The top five paint trends of Autumn 2021. Which one is your favourite?

Article written by Zoe Taylor

Images sourced from Pinterest


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