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Top 5 Spring Paint Trends

Source: Pixabay / Pexels

The sun is emerging, the flowers are blooming and the mood is starting to lift… after what has been an intense and difficult year, Spring has finally sprung! We here at Paint Place love all things paint and know the benefits and fresh feeling of a new coat on your walls, exteriors, furniture, decks, cars and boats. With that said, we have compiled the top five paint trends for the upcoming season that will get you into that magical spring feeling!

Dark, Warm Neutrals

We have seen the rise of the brown trend in fashion and home décor lately, but why not make it a bit more neutral and versatile by taking some of the richness out? The protective warmth of colours in this large colour family brings a sense of comfort, security and stability. Browns are highly functional for all areas of the home!

Source: Taubmans – Dark Granite

Punchy Blues

If you want to make a statement this season you need something that says mature, sophisticated and luxurious like a rich, deep-hued blue. Liven up your space with this gorgeous colour from Wattyl – hey, if the iPhone can be this colour then your walls can be, too!

Source: Wattyl – Denim

Warm Natural Hues

The ultimate neutral, a warm white brings a sense of purity and serenity to any space. Whites are the most versatile colour family of all, brightening spaces and featuring a range of undertones that portray them as either cool or warm, enabling the right white to perfectly complement any accent colour. Level up your space by bringing in some brightness!

Source: Taubmans – Almond Paste

Green Zone

This sage/eucalyptus/olive green started out last year and isn’t going anywhere any time soon! Complex and versatile, this colour palette is easily adaptable to any style of home décor and works great inside the home and on the exterior walls.

Source: Wattyl - Colourbond Pale Eucalypt

Peachy Dreams

Orange provides a sense of playfulness and is lively in nature, making colours in this family ideal in spaces during the water seasons. Warm and red-toned oranges provide a sense of comfort, while bright oranges are exuberant and energetic. Go for somewhere in the middle with a gorgeous peach colour and brighten up your Spring!

Source: Taubmans – Burano Peach

Don’t forget that our Paint Place instore Design Bar provides you with access to style, inspiration, thousands of different colour samples, all the leading brands and even an expert to guide you through the process! All colours are displayed in a uniform way, reducing confusion over paints and brands, making the selection an easy process.

Head in-store today to speak with our paint experts and incorporate these gorgeous Spring trends into your home this season.


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