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Warm Up Your Winter

The days are shortening, the breeze is cooling, and you’re ready to crack out the woolly blankets. Winter is a time to rest and recharge, but that doesn’t mean your space needs to feel bleak and cold! Bring some warmth into your space this winter with the top paint trends we have our eye on for the cooler season! Here at Paint Place, we supply the paints so you can do the fun stuff. Let’s get into it!


One of the most fun and unique painting trends to hit 2021 is to use the night sky as your inspiration. Don’t just settle for standard wall paint, mix up violets, indigos, navy and blue to achieve the ultimate midnight effect. Add a pale white circle as the moon and you’re set with one of the coolest feature walls to exist! Add some metallic décor and a space-themed art piece and your mini galaxy is ready.

Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Brown is the new Black

We all know brown has made a mega comeback in the recent year, so why not capitalise on the warm, cozy atmosphere it brings by decking out your rooms? Go for this look with a lick of warm brown over walls and ceilings for an ultra-modern, but ultra-cozy look.

Source: Spacejoy / Unsplash

Darken It Up

Gone are the days of stock-standard white walls. More and more people are opting for a dark finish in their living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens that they can make pop with white accessories and mirrors. There’s no better time to do this than the wintertime to amplify those relaxing hours in the nighttime!

Source: Jason Wang / Unsplash

Let’s Go for Gold

Gold is one of the hottest accent shades right now, blowing the classic stainless steel right out of the water. Update your cupboards with some brushed gold, or even go the whole hog and add gold paint to your taps, fixtures and splashbacks. What a simple way to make a huge impact!

Source: Amira Aboalnaga / Unsplash

The Crown Jewel

Emerald green is the rich and elegant jewel colour that has proven it is not going anywhere. From feature walls to cupboards, kitchens to bathrooms, there are very few places this colour won’t work! This beautiful shade works for all seasons but is definitely going to give you a rich and warm atmosphere as the months cool down.

Source: Devon Janse van Rensburg / Unsplash

So, there you have it! The top five paint colour trends for the upcoming winter. Which one will you try?

Don’t forget to head into your local Paint Place and chat with one of our friendly experts and get professional advice on your painting project.


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