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What Colour Should I Pimp My Ride?

Source: Erik Odiin / Unsplash

The overcast, wintry days are upon us. Instead of cocooning yourself inside on one of these dreary weekends, why not freshen up your car with some of our automotive paints?

Paint Place stocks all of the leading automotive paint brands to keep your car looking fresh and up-to-speed with the latest car trends. ​If you’re not sure which paint to use and don’t want to see anything less than the best quality finish on your ride – we’ve got you. We know you love your car (dare we say a bit too much..?) and know you want the expert finish, so let us give you the advice you need to ensure the job is done right the first time!

We have paint, protective coatings, primers, finishers… Visit your local Paint Place today to find the best brands for your next automotive DIY project.

Now, the issue is… what colour? We’ve created the ultimate flowchart to help you decide exactly what colour and finish to go for!

Head into your local Paint Place and chat with one of our friendly experts and get professional advice on your painting project.


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