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Winter Paint Trends 2022

That cold weather has finally hit and all we want to do is snuggle up under a blanket with a warm cup of tea. But there’s only so much relaxing we can do until we get that itch to spruce up the place… If you’re thinking of DIYing some paint jobs around the place this season, we have you covered with Winter’s top paint trends!

1. Beat The Blues

Blues have returned to interiors and exteriors in a big way. Deeply calming and easy to style, blues are here to stay. Bring some peace and quiet to your life by choosing a medium-toned blue that creates a sense of depth while also being neutral enough to work with your décor.

Colour: Bristol, Kaleidoscope

2. Brown Is The New Black

It’s no secret that brown has hit us with force, and from the looks of it, we won’t be seeing it go away any time soon. The warmth and comfort that a good brown selection creates is second to none. Browns also come in a range of undertones to suit your style and décor, making it one of the most versatile colours you won’t get sick of in a season.

Colour: Fudge Truffle, Taubmans

3. I Love Olive

The sage-green train has been replaced by its neighbour – the humble olive. A more forest tone, an olive green is highly adaptable to suit any style or aesthetic, and can be used for both interior and exterior. Add a pop of colour without going overboard.

Colour: Forrester, Bristol

4. Warm Neutrals

Going neutral doesn’t mean either white or beige. Bring a sense of calmness to your space with a warm-based neutral, one that hovers between grey, brown, beige and white. This underdone gives you the perfect background for any décor and style, and is the perfect complement to any accent colour you choose.

Colour: Mystery, Taubmans

5. Grey Is Good

If you want something a bit darker this season, then grey is the way. Sophisticated, modern and a bit dramatic, this contemporary choice offers a range of undertones for an interesting take on a neutral. The perfect base colour, grey goes with just about anything and offers a deeper palette in your home.

Colour: Flintstone, Bristol

There you have it – the top five colour trends for this cold season. Make sure you stay warm and dry, but don’t forget to give your home some TLC! Remember to visit one of our friendly experts in-store at Paint Place to get all the info you need on your next painting project.


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